'PLANET' M/V Outfits

In the 'PLANET' M/V, the 'powerful-dark' concept is represented below. I wanted to only wear a crown for the 'dark' concept, as it represented the transformation from the 'naive' girl, to the one with the 'crown'.

Shot in beautiful city of Gothenburg, Sweden, we were able to film a 'simple' yet 'elegant' concept. It wasn't meant to have crazy editing like the usual 'KPOP' music videos, but rather something that sets a mysterious mood.

What's On Me

Lace Choker - Yesstyle

Tiara- Yesstyle

Black top - Yesstyle

Hair extensions - Luxyhair

The Light

This "light" side represents the girl who still has a soft side. Both light and dark is something she has, maintaining a balance. There's really no good or bad here, just a physical way to portray change.

What's on me

Moon Rhinestone Hair clip - Yesstyle

White Corset - Prettylittlethings

Feather Skirt - Dollskill

Shoulder chains -Yesstyle

White gloves - Amazon

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