Witchy Things

Updated: Sep 6

Life is magical. so why not live it?

I love me a good magical concept. Of course, magic is real, so why not let people know?

I gathered some outfits that inspired me to create these tiktok videos (over 1M views on tiktok!!) and instagram photos. These half glasses are everything, something i've never seen anyone wear, and gives the total power to the one wearing it. It's great to use for tiktok videos, as people love unique items that make you stand out. NOT gonna lie, it does fall off easily, it's defiantly for photo/aesthetic use. These glasses just UPGRADE your wardrobe.

I did a whole "Witch" outfit video, you can see more of the magical outfits here.

What's on me

Fashion glasses - yesstyle

Gold headpiece - fashionnova

white lace dress - fashionnova

fire overalls - fashionnova

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